About Us


Since founding their firm in 2009, Megan Keough and Alison Stearns have created beautifully sophisticated interiors that are as welcoming as they are engaging. They find inspiration in both the new and the classical, and express it in a way that reflects their clients' personalities and interests, as well as their desire for comfort and practical living.

Megan and Alison recognize that clear communication is the key to great design, and collaborate closely with clients on their projects. They ensure that all design elements, both new and existing, work seamlessly together. Keough Stearns Interiors delivers projects on time and within budget, and seeks quality and value in its selections.

Both Megan and Alison have backgrounds in creative fields, Megan in advertising management, and Alison in retail buying for a renowned department store company. Before embarking on their career change, Alison and Megan studied at the New York School of Interior Design.